Thursday, July 22, 2010

The wedding of the century

Ok, I think I did enough alluding in my previous post. I now present to you, our wedding venue!

We are getting married aboard the Carnival Paradise-- the same ship, itinerary, that we became engaged on! We will be married while the ship is parked outside of Catalina Island. This will be our view on our wedding day:

Carnival has some very budget friendly wedding packages. That was the big selling point to us-- WAY cheaper than a land based wedding, and a week vaca for everyone! So far the planning process has been super smooth. Its kindof like picking what we want out off a menu.

I have a confession. I am a total type A--planning--OCD--control freak personality (fun right?) But since we have our wedding booked and planned for a cruise ship, I can help but be relaxed and very nonchalant about the whole thing. My attitude is 'eh, no big deal'. I know that we are going to have an amazing wedding day regardless of anything/everything.

Plus, we get to join an elite club of people that are NOT married on land. YES!

Coming up next-- more wedding details, and our engagement pictures! (see the teaser in my pic.. :D )

Monday, July 12, 2010

So.. Wedding!

First of all, my good friend Erika from flight attendant school got engaged last week. I never was too excited for friends before when they got engaged.. more like a "yay. cool!". Now that I am engaged, and Erika got engaged I am supppper excited for her!! I know how excited she is and that makes me so happy.

I guess in order to tell you about our wedding I have to tell you about the proposal. I had been on 2 previous cruises, and had booked one for my 3rd and Chris' 1st. We boarded the Carnival Paradise on September 7th, 2009 (labor day and my bff/cousin's birthday!). It was on this day that i was presented with my precious...

Well, that is completely how I felt. We were in our room which they finally let us into. We had a bunk bed room (romantic, right? I was allll about gettin our butts onboard on the cheap!) They announced that the muster drill--forever more referred to as the mustard drill-- would begin at four and we needed to get to our stations. Chris was, where else.. in the bathroom. With his backpack... he does strange things on a normal basis, so this was normal in the realm of him I am used to.

I was yelling to finish up his bizznes, cause they might make us walk the plank if we are late.. he continued to lolligag and my blood pressure continued to rise.

After a zillion(probably 3) minutes, he emerged from the bathroom. I was practically throwing the lifevest on him and I specifically remember saying "You have to wear your life jacket!" It was at this point where he said "I have a better idea-- why don't you wear this"? He dropped onto one knee, and my heart stopped.

Chris said a bunch of amazing lovely things that I can't remember to save my life, but the end, he said 'will you marry me?' I cried and yelled YES!

Then, we headed off the the muster drill. Which I also hardly remember, because I was so excited to know that this amazing boy loves me enough to want to marry me.

Here we are the next night, which was formal night:

See that sparkly on my pretty finger?? Here she is:

I am in love with her!

Coming up next.. what, exactly, is the wedding plan?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I have to have one

of these!

They are available from Etsy seller LilaFrances, and at only a $25 investment.. but I think it will be completely worth it!


Engagement Pictures

I wasn't really sure where to start this thing off at, so I figured how about at what I am thinking about right now. Sound good? mmkay

Chris and I took our engagement pictures last Thursday.. as in 9 days ago. We found our photographer on Craigslist and he is phenomenal. So yes, last Thursday we met up with them at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and took millions and zillions of photographs of me and my love. I felt totally comfortable in front of the camera (always have, what can I say!) and felt fully confident in our photographers. :)

By time we got home, we already had three teasers in my email box. OMG I NEARLY PASSED OUT ON THE CARPET CAUSE I WAS SO EXCITED!

They are amazing.

One looks like it should be in a magazine.

We got told by friends we look like Barbie & Ken at the beach. (For reals? I LOVE Barbie!)

I'm not sharing them yet. :)

Reason for this being, and reason for this post, is they are just the teasers. I am still awaiting on the rest of the pictures.. Waiting very inpatiently if you ask me!!

Now I totally understand the waiting game and oh my gosh, it sucks ass! I'm stalker checking my email and our photographers website, just waiting to see more-- is this what addicts feel like when they are going through withdrawal?? I keep imagining in my head all of the different things we did and wondering how they came out--I feel like a absolute crazy person!

My email is hooked up to my cell phone, and everytime I see that little email icon my heart starts to beat faster, I get all excited, annnndddd..............junk mail. every damn time.

Once we get the rest of the photos back, I will totally share. We are pretty sure we want to book them for the wedding as well, which is why I am not sharing who they are. yet. I don't to take a chance of them being stolen from me!

If I am this way over our engagement pics, I can only imagine how I will be over our wedding pictures. What did you do to pass the time while being antsy waiting for your pictures?