Monday, July 12, 2010

So.. Wedding!

First of all, my good friend Erika from flight attendant school got engaged last week. I never was too excited for friends before when they got engaged.. more like a "yay. cool!". Now that I am engaged, and Erika got engaged I am supppper excited for her!! I know how excited she is and that makes me so happy.

I guess in order to tell you about our wedding I have to tell you about the proposal. I had been on 2 previous cruises, and had booked one for my 3rd and Chris' 1st. We boarded the Carnival Paradise on September 7th, 2009 (labor day and my bff/cousin's birthday!). It was on this day that i was presented with my precious...

Well, that is completely how I felt. We were in our room which they finally let us into. We had a bunk bed room (romantic, right? I was allll about gettin our butts onboard on the cheap!) They announced that the muster drill--forever more referred to as the mustard drill-- would begin at four and we needed to get to our stations. Chris was, where else.. in the bathroom. With his backpack... he does strange things on a normal basis, so this was normal in the realm of him I am used to.

I was yelling to finish up his bizznes, cause they might make us walk the plank if we are late.. he continued to lolligag and my blood pressure continued to rise.

After a zillion(probably 3) minutes, he emerged from the bathroom. I was practically throwing the lifevest on him and I specifically remember saying "You have to wear your life jacket!" It was at this point where he said "I have a better idea-- why don't you wear this"? He dropped onto one knee, and my heart stopped.

Chris said a bunch of amazing lovely things that I can't remember to save my life, but the end, he said 'will you marry me?' I cried and yelled YES!

Then, we headed off the the muster drill. Which I also hardly remember, because I was so excited to know that this amazing boy loves me enough to want to marry me.

Here we are the next night, which was formal night:

See that sparkly on my pretty finger?? Here she is:

I am in love with her!

Coming up next.. what, exactly, is the wedding plan?

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