Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I felt like I was invited to the white house! I felt so cool opening it"

That is what one of my friends told me this morning about our wedding invitations. I can't share them in their entireity yet, because I know not everyone has received them.

Christopher and I DIY'ed (remember that post about the weekend we were slaves to the invitations? was rouggghh)the whole invitations. Designed everything, minus the cover of our cruise info booklet, which I kinda stole from Mrs. Snapdragon over at Weddingbee CAUSE IT WAS PERFECT! We only bought the envelopes and the pocketfolder... Let me tell you, they are lookin fresh!

I gotta come clean with ya'all. We sent our invites out 6 months before our wedding. whomp whomp whomp...

Only because this is a destination wedding, and I want everyone we love and care about to have proper time to save their baller dollers so that they can bear witness to our one and only wedding.

The etiquite police can shoot me, I don't care! If they really want to go, they need time to plan accordingly. And if they plan on attending A CRUISE-- it's not something that you can forget.

We mailed them out on Tuesday evening (about 6), and I got a RSVP back to me at work less than 24 hours later. I. LOVE. OUR. POST. OFFICE!! They deserve some cupcakes or something cause they treated my little babies like gold and got them delivered faster than a rabbit being chased by a dog.

Of course, I had to take the obligatory post office shots, enjoy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seriously... a cruise ship wedding?

I must say, I have heard that phrase and variations of that phrase multiple times throughout our planning process. I think most people are not aware that you actually CAN be married on a cruise ship. Chris and I are not ones to do things by the book anyways. :)

I just realized that, aside from saying we will be married on a cruise ship, I haven't provided much details! I'm a bad blogger.

If you go on your given cruise lines website (our case, Carnival) they will somewhere have a section for weddings. Carnival offers weddings both on the ship or at their port of call and they pretty much set everything up for you and allow you to pick the details. I am a no stress bride because regardless, it will be a blast.

For onboard weddings, Carnival offered three choices. We ended up selecting the Deluxe Romance package. Here is the description that they provide:

For an unforgettable celebration, this package offers the ceremony with a one and a half-hour reception. Package includes: A dedicated Wedding Agent assisting you with every detail from selecting your package to "Ido". On the day of your wedding, Priority check-in for the bridal couple and their guests, a local Wedding Officiant, A Wedding Coordinator to work solely with you and your guests, Photographer (Wedding photos/packages available for purchase separately onboard) Photography service includes the ceremony, reception, with various portraits taken around the ship and studio, Ideal wedding location, Romantic wedding set up, Selection of Wedding Vows and Poems/Readings, Recorded ceremony music, 8-Rose Bridal Bouquet with matching Rose Boutonnierre for the groom *(Flowers may vary based on some locations, where tropical arrangements will be substituted for roses. Additional flower options are available, as an upgrade). One and a half-hour Open bar with selection of hot and cold hors d' oeuvres, Ice Carving, Champagne Toast, (1-set) of etched "Our Wedding" champagne flutes, 2-Tiered Wedding Cake* with keepsake topper. Cake Server and Coffee/Tea service provided. A bottle of Sparkling Wine and Chocolate Covered strawberries for the bride and groom's stateroom. (Additional items available upon request, such as unity candle lighting ceremony, additional flowers, etc. Inquire with your Wedding Agent for more details) *2-Tiered Wedding Cake provided up to a maximum of 50 guests. Based on number of guests, a 3-Tier or 4-Tier Wedding Cake will be provided.

We decided that the hors d' oeuvres (I choose to pronounce them as whore-de-vores.. cause I'm amazing like that) would be enough for our reception cause really, we are all paying for a cruise, with included buffet meals AND sit down dining service, what is the point of paying for more food? Our guests (and me!) will appreciate the open bar much more than MORE food.

We paid for the wedding back in February, so all is pretty much taken care of. Once we paid for the wedding, Carnival sent via email a wedding contract, add-ons we can purchase, the readings they have, photography prices, cake choices, EVERYTHING. It has been so fun going through this stuff (like a menu) and picking and choosing what we want. I have no concerns about the food or the cake, everything I have ever had on any of my cruises has been better than food at home. I have complete trust in that area. Our invitations have not even gone out yet and we have over 25 people booked to join us! We feel so loved. We also get to brag that our wedding is a whole week affair, not just one day. :)

Our wedding day is also formal night on the ship. This will work out splendidly because I will be able to wear my wedding dress to dinner. There is a club onboard, we are discussing having an 'after party' of sorts after dinner. Everyone would just meet in the club and have fun.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Battle of the Ages.. part 1

It has been embroiled in battle the last few days. I am still confident I will come out victorious!

The battle, you ask?? It's all over this beauty:

This ring is officially titled the Stingray 9mm Benchmark Forge  Tungsten Wedding Band. I first spotted it in an issue of Brides magazine about 4 months ago. Yes, you read Stingray! How awesome is that? Christopher loves this ring. Well, I'm not a kajillionaire, so I had to wait until I had the proper funds to buy it-- that time is now. Just my luck, the ring has been discontinued. Insert sad face.

I searched online and found multiple sites that still have the ring listed-- YAY! I made my purchase, and then the next day got a email that they have received my order and will get the ring out to me asap.

Then the next day, I get a voicemail from them stating that the ring is no longer available. I'm disappointed, but owell, I'm not here to put this well known online ring retailer on blast, but why is it still (to this day) listed on their website as being for sale?

Anywho, I have requested a refund and found another retailer who claims to still have this ring. I will be calling them tomorrow to ensure that they actually have the ring and will be able to process my order. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guess who's back, back again...

The last few weeks have been crazy stressful. So much family drama. :( Sorry for my lack of posting!

Before my vacation, I finally had a chance to give my cousin her puzzle! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

But she said YES! I knew she would. I am so excited I was able to make it special for her. It was a lot of fun to watch her putting it together, she was so excited. So its official, ya'all.. I gots me a fabulous matron of honor, and a sassypants bridesmaid.

That same day I invited both girls over to try on the bridesmaids dresses I bought about a month ago and they looked amazing! Check it out:

I am completely in loove with how great they look. Persistence pays off, yo! I am all about being a bargain bride.

I have so many things coming up to share, Today the wedding is 202 days away. I think I will pass out on Saturday when that 'lots of time to do stuff' 200's leaves me and 'time to get your ass in gear' 100's shows up..!