Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I felt like I was invited to the white house! I felt so cool opening it"

That is what one of my friends told me this morning about our wedding invitations. I can't share them in their entireity yet, because I know not everyone has received them.

Christopher and I DIY'ed (remember that post about the weekend we were slaves to the invitations? was rouggghh)the whole invitations. Designed everything, minus the cover of our cruise info booklet, which I kinda stole from Mrs. Snapdragon over at Weddingbee CAUSE IT WAS PERFECT! We only bought the envelopes and the pocketfolder... Let me tell you, they are lookin fresh!

I gotta come clean with ya'all. We sent our invites out 6 months before our wedding. whomp whomp whomp...

Only because this is a destination wedding, and I want everyone we love and care about to have proper time to save their baller dollers so that they can bear witness to our one and only wedding.

The etiquite police can shoot me, I don't care! If they really want to go, they need time to plan accordingly. And if they plan on attending A CRUISE-- it's not something that you can forget.

We mailed them out on Tuesday evening (about 6), and I got a RSVP back to me at work less than 24 hours later. I. LOVE. OUR. POST. OFFICE!! They deserve some cupcakes or something cause they treated my little babies like gold and got them delivered faster than a rabbit being chased by a dog.

Of course, I had to take the obligatory post office shots, enjoy!

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  1. So fun!! I remember that day :-) I found your blog from the weddingbee post; so excited to read more. Etiquette police whatev haha I agree if I was planning to attend a cruise destination wedding I would want to know asap.