Sunday, September 19, 2010

Battle of the Ages.. part 1

It has been embroiled in battle the last few days. I am still confident I will come out victorious!

The battle, you ask?? It's all over this beauty:

This ring is officially titled the Stingray 9mm Benchmark Forge  Tungsten Wedding Band. I first spotted it in an issue of Brides magazine about 4 months ago. Yes, you read Stingray! How awesome is that? Christopher loves this ring. Well, I'm not a kajillionaire, so I had to wait until I had the proper funds to buy it-- that time is now. Just my luck, the ring has been discontinued. Insert sad face.

I searched online and found multiple sites that still have the ring listed-- YAY! I made my purchase, and then the next day got a email that they have received my order and will get the ring out to me asap.

Then the next day, I get a voicemail from them stating that the ring is no longer available. I'm disappointed, but owell, I'm not here to put this well known online ring retailer on blast, but why is it still (to this day) listed on their website as being for sale?

Anywho, I have requested a refund and found another retailer who claims to still have this ring. I will be calling them tomorrow to ensure that they actually have the ring and will be able to process my order. Wish me luck!

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