Monday, October 4, 2010

Battle of the Ages...The Conclusion

Well my friends, I told you I would be victorious!

I recently posted about Christopher's perfect ring, which we found in a issue of Brides Magazine. Once I had amassed my dollars, the darn thing went into 'discontinued' status. My life.

I gotta be real with you all, after waiting 6+ days for Paypal to refund my money from buying the ring (as of this very moment, it is STILL listed on e-wedding bands as 'for sale'... ugh.)I was completely deflated. I was so frustrated that once we are ready to buy it, it was no longer available. I searched online but didn't feel like I would have much luck. Things were not looking up for us.

One day last week, I plopped myself on the bed, and told Chris we need to find him a new ring, cause that ring just wasn't going to happen. To be honest, I was really pissed off. I am a winner, and I always do what I need to do to get things done. I did NOT handle this well.

We sat down and started browsing on What is Chris' super manly wedding ring criteria, you may ask? It had to be black. That is all. He had his heart set on a primarily black ring. He made some references about it matching the color of my heart, but we aren't going to discuss that right now. :)

We went through what felt like 530,000 pages. none of them really fit him. And then, we saw this:

We looked at each other, I said 'yeah?' and he said 'yeah!'. That was it. I closed my eyes and hit the 'order' button. We received it over the weekend and oh my gosh it is perfect. No pictures for now, even though Chris knows what it looks like, he does NOT get to see it in person until our wedding day. It is locked securely in my madre's safe so that it may stay away from any prying eyes while I am at work

On a side note, this reminds me of a funny story about him buying my engagement ring. It was no secret that he was going to propose at one point or another, but when he got the ring, he wanted to be sure it fit. I had to sit with a blindfold on, while he put the ring on my finger to make sure it fit. It was the most torturous thing ever, I swear.
Guess what I did as soon as the ring came in?? That's right, I made him feel the torture as well!!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. The best part about the ring?? It was only 30% of the original price that I paid for the other branded one. AWESOME!

Did anyone else encounter troubles like these when ring shopping?

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