Sunday, October 17, 2010

I promise to you, finding Christopher's clothing and the groomsmen's attire was FAR more difficult than figuring out my dress and the bridesmaids attire.

From way back when, tuxes were out. I never really liked the look, and our wedding isn't really formal enough to warrant one. I don't remember which one of us found this picture, but the grooms 'look' was our inspiration. Christopher saw the vest and it was all over, that is what he wanted.

One afternoon after I got off from work, Chris rounded up his best man, CJ and his grooms-dude, Matt, and we went on the scavenger hunt of the world to try and find clothes for them to have.

We went to EVERY store in the mall that carried men's suits. Finally, at JCPenney, we made a little progress:

Chris loved how this all looked together. He was ready to buy it right then. So then, we had Matt and CJ get the pants in their sizes. This is where we hit rough terrain:

Do you see how short those are?? No Bueno. Of course we try to see if maybe another store had them a little longer, but lo an behold, it isn't made that long. Damn CJ :)

A couple days later, this post by Miss Meerkat showed up on WeddingBee. It was like she knew exactly my struggle! I headed on over to, fell in love and begged Chris to give it a try.

He did.

He coordinated with his grooms-dudes to have them come over and measure themselves, and we decided to order the full suit (pants, vest & jacket) for Chris.

We ordered our suits on 09/26. On 10/14, a mere 17 calendar days later, we received these beauties. From India! I can only imagine 3 or 4 of those 17 days was shipping alone. I was seriously impressed with their turn around time. Chris and I tore into the package like a bunch of hyenas, and I held my breath as he began to try his suit on.



"IT'S PERFECT!!" I screamed.. Seriously y'all, this suit is fresshhh and it fits Chris to a T...almost like it was made for him.

His GD's came over and tried on their pants as well, no suprise they fit them really nicely as well.

Want to see Chris in the suit he will be married in??

I love it, obviously, he will be wearing a yet to be purchased white button up under the vest, but we are both so excited that now he has his W-day attire.

I cannot recommend Studio Suits enough, their work is amazing for the price you pay, and they are a great company to work with. I was telling my mom about it, and she is going to order my abnormally tall younger brother some dress pants from there as well.

What will your groom be wearing on the big day??


  1. What a great suit! It looks so nice! I'm definitely going to have to check out that website, thanks!

  2. Congratulations!

    I loved when we finally picked Mr.'s wedding day suit.

    We got him a light gray summer suit for Jos. A Banks and it was only $149 on super end of summer sale... down from $549!


  3. Thanks for the tip! The suit looks great. My FH is a tough guy to fit a suit for so we may have to look at this option!