Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers

Hi Friends! It has been almost two weeks since I have blogged-- I have a reason! No internets... yes it was a sad sad day. But I am BACK and sassier than ever. :)

Hokai, so today I want to talk about flowers. I dont really like flowers. They do not evoke any special feelings for me. But I know I want to hold em on my wedding day.

My one and only inspiration picture came from Mrs. Gummi Bear at WeddingBee:

Gah, they are so beautiful!

As you may recall, I am getting married on a cruise ship. That will be leaving the country. I can buy flowers through the cruise line, but (no joke) it's ridiculously expensive. Plus, since we will be leaving the country, I would not be allowed to take my flowers back with me at all. Customs no bueno.

Chris' mommy is known for her mad flower arranging skills, and she just so happens to have experience creating bouquets with fake flowers. Problem solved! She is creating 3 bouquets and 13 corsages/bouts.

What are all those for you may ask? Chris and I are very close to our family, and we wanted to make sure that everyone was properly flowered:

Me: Super duper fantabulous bouquet
Carrie and Chantel: Super duper fantabulous, slightly smaller bouquet
Chris, CJ, and Matt: Groom and Groomsdude's bouts
My mom, my grandma, my aunt, his mom, his grandma, his aunt: Pretty-full lady corsages
My dad, my 2 brothers, his step dad, his uncle & his grandfather: electric awesome bouts.

About 2 months ago, Chris, me, his mommy and his aunt went hunting for amazing flowers, and boy were we in luck!

Chris, his auntie, and his mommy

A few weeks ago, we were beckoned over to his aunt's house to see the progress, and make sure they are what we were wanting.. and oh my gosh-- I am in love with my flowers! Check it:

My badass bouquet

The beginnings of my bouquet and my ladies ones


The boy bouts (bottom) and lady corsages(top)

Have you had to tweak your plans in any special way based on you wedding venue/location?

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