Friday, August 6, 2010

Love O Rama

Hey friends,

I must admit, to date, finding a photographer to entrust with our engagement pictures was hands down the hardest part of wedding planning. I have put a lot of faith in our engagement pics, because on the cruise ship, we can only use their photographer and that is, well, worrying me.. about the types of pictures I will end up with.

I guess I am kinda a photography snob. Many moons ago, before I was engaged, I stumbled across the website of an amazingly awesome, jaw dropping, photographer. Lets call this photographer Sebastian (cause I like that name. :) )

Throughout Christopher and my dating time, I knew he would eventually propose; so I was content in knowing that I had already found my dream photographer.

And then I found out that photographer Sebastian charges a minimum of $5,000 to shoot weddings.

Cue Heather passing out on the floor.

Once I regained consciousness, I resolved myself to the fact that it just wasn't going to happen. His engagement packages probably start at 2 grand I just (could not would not swing that. I love pictures as much as the next starry eyed bride, but it just wasn't happening.

I became a Google stalker. Like it was my full time job. I was determined to find a photographer that would do it for cheaper.

No luck.

And I kept wishfully saying to myself that they are not as good as Sebastian's work.

Then someone suggested Craigslist.

I went through postings for about a 200 mile radius. Most that posted on there were ok, and that was it. I was still heartset on Sebastian. FI suggested to contact them and just see how much they charge for an engagement session. At the same time, I found another photographer on Craigslist that I absolutely adored. Like, website stalking adored. I sent emails off to both to inquire about an engagement session at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Craigslist photographer wrote me back that evening. THAT EVENING, people!! He said that they(they are a husband and wife team) would love to do a shoot with Chris and I, and that I will get a CD of all images.

All for $200.

I was ecstatic. I booked immediately, and now Chris and I have awesome pictures like these to use:

total awesomeness.All photos are credit to the amazing Andrew and Britney Ramsey

Oh, and that other photographer? Finally emailed me back two weeks after our e-shoot, saying that they thought they replied, but their response to me had been sitting in their outbox for a month and a half. And they wanted to set up an appointment with me for a shoot.

Lesson learned: you can always find what you want, if you are willing to put forth the effort to work and search for it.

What vendor did you have a hard time finding/deciding on?

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